Topic: Blue folder automatically copying files from OS library

I have set up the Blue Folder on two computers. They had synced and appear identical (file structure, files etc). However on one machine the Sync applet is taking files from my Operating System Library (e.g files with gobbledygook names and extensions .abcdp.and depositing them somewhere and then trying to sync them on the other machine.

If I login search on the CloudMe site I can pull up such files but the CloudMe website will not show me where they are being stored ( if I check the file and click 'go to folder' nothing happens.)

The syncing happens even when I pause the sync applet. I have to quit it entirely for it to stop. 

Thanks in advance for your help to resolve. 

Some feed back for website update would be to show the path where a file is located, when it is identified in a search.

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Re: Blue folder automatically copying files from OS library

It looks like you have added one more sync folder to CloudMe than the blue folder. Go to the taskbar and right click on the CloudMe icon, choose to Open CloudMe Sync. Under the synced tab, you can see all folders that are being synced. If there is an operating system related catalog, just remove it (will not remove it on your computer).

If not, please check the contents of the blue folder to see if a system catalog has been dragged into that folder. If so, please move it outside the CloudMe folder.