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Any chance of the cloudme app on the Western Digital set top box WDTV live being able to run .wmv files? What formats can it actually run at the moment?

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I've got the latest WDTV firmware release (Dec '13) where CloudMe is available - I've now signed up, dropped some simple mp3s into both my 'blue folder' and 'music', but get this reply after logging on and trying to play them: "sorry, this type of file is not supported yet" ???
I've also downloaded the (3rd party) Blackberry app to see if it'll play on my BB, but get "Error on login. Sorry, your login, password not correct or user not active"

Seeing all the unanswered posts on this forum, I think I'll give this one a miss. Seems pretty amateurish with apps that are plagued with bugs

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CloudMe on the WD TV Live currently support viewing photos and play movies of formats supported by the WD TV hardware.

Music / MP3 file playback is not currently supported as the application also says. It is in development and we hope to be able to launch that very soon.

The third party application on the Black Berry (BB) is nothing affiliated with CloudMe and we do not take responsibility for bugs on clients that we have no control over. Often third party applications fail to make usernames lower case, try entering your username (not email) using lower case characters and use HTTPS (required by us).

I hope you soon will enjoy playing music on your WD TV smile

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I´ve uploaded some movies I shot with my mobile in 1080p in mp4, but it keeps laaging and stops playing every 30 sec. and then starts again after 10 sec..

The video size is also wrong  on 1080p (widescreen) it chops the bottom and side..

I also uploades some mkv files, but they wont play on my WDTV live ????

And I can´t se the name an type of the videofile..

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Let me chime in to this topic, I actually signed up for Cloudme in order to use it with my WD TV, but honestly this part is really dissapointing.

I have put one video onto Cloudme and a copy onto a memory stick. WD TV plays the movie from the memory stick but not from CloudMe.

The ones I can play from CloudMe are poorly running, again, the same movie played via Memory Stick is fine and brilliant.

Please, review this feature/app and make it work.



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I've a WDTV Live in Wifi, with firmware 2.02.32


the CloudMe service remain blank, no login page..., no CloudMe logo..., nothing...

the other services of the device works and stream from Internet, but CloudMe don't start.
Any idea? Thank you.

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Hello, have someone an idea why my CloudMe client on WDTV doesn't start?
Thank you.

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CloudMe on WD TV is now working again. CloudMe upgraded our security policies but the WD TV hardware was not ready. We have now made an exception for the WD TV and are waiting for a new firmware update on the WD TV to be able to turn it on again.

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New version of the WD TV CloudMe app has been published, which now includes the functionality to play music if you have the latest WD TV firmware.

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I bought a WD TV today, upgraded it to the latest firmware, and tried running the CloudMe app. The screen just goes white, and I have to reboot the device. Is there a fix for this?

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The next version of the WD TV firmware will fix this issue and support the newer version of SSL which CloudMe requires. We had to shut down some versions of SSL that was not secure in order to not jeopardize the security of the entire CloudMe service.

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We have now finally located the bug, it was a failure to add an update listener for the folder. We hope to push out a new version of the CloudMe Sync software next week.

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