Topic: Max file size

Hi there. I have already cancelled my cloud me 100g subscription of which I have paid 1 month fee. I wrote a simple email to 4 weeks ago (27/7)  and got no reply or even a confirmation.  The email was about files larger than 2 g being refused.
Just thought I should mention it here as well. Im very disappointed with the service.

Regards, Sean

Re: Max file size

Hi SeaninHolland,
We are sorry to hear you have left us and that your e-mail, or our answer, seems to be lost.
The reason for not allowing bigger files is that we get a lot of material that are subject to copyright infringements on our servers. This causes us, and others, problems with the people and organizations that are the copyrightholders and we have therefore decided to set the limit with 2GB.

Re: Max file size

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