Topic: too many connected devices

I looked up my list of sync devices and I have 27 devices there!!
I want to know how to remove them from my account without creating a new account?

I hope someone can help me with this

Re: too many connected devices

This is a functionality we have on our roadmap to add. We will post an update here as soon as it is available.

Re: too many connected devices

Any update on this?
I have 3 computers connected to an account, but the sw says that I have 6 devices connected. No shared folders and not following any folders.

Rightclicking on a sync folder in the web gui, I find that 2 of my computers are listed twice, similar to ASUS and ASUS(1). Additionally, I can only find 5 computers (X, Y, Y(1), Z, Z(1)) in the web gui, but the computer sw says that 6 devices are connected??!!
What happened there and how to correct it?

Re: too many connected devices

Every time you reinstall your computer, you will be asked to name the computer in CloudMe. Currently you are not able to reuse a name already used, thereby ending up with names like ASUS (1), ASUS (2) etc.

We are currently rebuilding how we manage devices, so you will be able to see all and also delete old devices no longer used. We will also try to make it possible to reuse a previous name if you reinstall a computer.

So right now there is nothing you can do and nothing is wrong with your account. It is just that names from old installations are kept as devices. As soon as the new features are available, you will be able to see and delete old device names and also rename your device to get rid of the (1) at the end.

Re: too many connected devices

Is there any update on this? Any way to delete old devices?