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Hello, this is the wrong category for this topic, but the reason for that is that the correct category does not exist, and I as user cannot create new categories, so I just picked one.

I was a customer of yours earlier before you got 28 million from Apple and called yourself iCloud. In 2012 i closed my account ... but apparently it did not get closed and deleted!! When i tried to singup now to look at your current service it claimed that tombensve was already used! I got suspicious and did a password recovery for that user, and I got an email from you with instructions for setting a new password. It was my old account!! It also contained all my old files!!! Files I was sure were deleted when I closed the account! Now there are some folders that you are not letting me delete!!!!

This along with other entries in this forum and the fact that I got a bug thrown in my face almost directly when trying the iPhone app makes me think you are less than competent, and that I cannot trust you with my files!

Do delete all my old files! I will check in later, and if they are not gone then, I'm left with no other option than taking legal action to have you remove them. They were never yours to keep to begin with. They should have been deleted when I closed my account, and so should my account.

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Re: Security, or lack there of ...

Hi tombensve,

We can not delete your files! We have no access to your account hence you need to delete them your self.
We can close your account but not delete your files. This is not a bug but rather a solution for your security.

If you closed your account some 4 years ago we have since made ample improvements of the service and a number of upgrades. Make sure you use the latest versions of CloudMe and also make sure your phone and computer match the requirements for the CloudMe softwares to avoid bugs.

Please also have a look at our legal page to make sure you appreciate the full user agreement section.

We will be happy to help you through deleting all your files and we can close your account. Just forward any questions here in the forum or send your requests to support if you want faster response.