Topic: A few things to improve

I think the service offers more things than necessary, making it difficult to use. I was a CloudMe user, but I went out. I created this new account to post this message and stay until the service has improved.

I really would like to stay in CloudMe, but I still think there is much to enhance. First: the web interface. But it ins't the more important thing. Also requires safety improvements as a two-step verification with a text message to mobile phones or applying Google Authentication.

I think, moreover, CloudMe need more information regarding the exact location of servers and which company manages is given. In addition, of course, the green and sustainable policies of the company. In the other hand, the inclusion of Linux application and file preview, especially ODF (following the model of Box, not Dropbox).

Finally, I think it is essential for a European service offering support and information from the official EU languages, including Spanish.

I think, like a professional of communication and researcher, that european people need a transparency service, open-source and trustworthy. To be the European alternative to Dropbox (like a lot of pages say), the service have to be much better. The most important thing is the quality of service by focusing on the user experience, so it is very important build a better interface, ease of use and with handy tools. The system should look simple and fluid, but very robust, useful and safe inside.

If this improved, I would CloudMe without hesitation, as a paid account. I hope this message serves.

Re: A few things to improve

Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate feedback about the areas of the service that our users want to see improved.

The exact location of our servers are in southern parts of Sweden, we own the hardware and manage our own servers. We are not running on someone else cloud service. We take care of our own hardware and hard drives and run on a cloud computing platform that we have built in cooperation with Xcerion.

We are planning to add more languages to the site and web application. The technology has been built and as a first trial we translated it to Swedish. More language like Spanish, French and German will follow.

If you have ideas on how we can improve the user experience, we would be delighted to hear your suggestions. Please email them in text or graphics to support at We read every email :-)

Best, Daniel

Re: A few things to improve

Hi again Daniel,

Thanks for your answer, I'm happy for it. I'm a professional of communication, and I work in Internet. I think I could help you in the communication strategy of CloudMe, so I offer myself for it. I'm sending you an e-mail now, so you have mine.


Re: A few things to improve

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