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Chen Ming and I are very good friends. We often play together.When I was teaching in a day, the teacher taught us to make a small wooden boat. After I finished, I exchanged with Chen Ming for a small wooden boat. Suddenly, someone pushed Chen Ming, and Chen Ming shook his hand. My little wooden boat fell to the ground and fell into two halves. I was very angry and said, "Why did you fall off my little wooden boat? Are you deliberate?" After that []Parliament Cigarettes[/url], I pushed him a hand. He was very dissatisfied and pushed me. But the more unfortunate thing happened: in the shoving, he stepped on my wooden boat and my little wooden boat was dead. I sternly asked him: "Why are you stepping on my small wooden boat? You see, It's almost turning into powder! You pay for my little wooden boat!" I was very angry, threw my little wooden boat down to the ground, and smashed a few feet on it. Chen Ming seemed to want to defend what, but after all, Said to export.s Mr. Marx said: Life is inseparable from friendship, but it is not easy to get true friendship; friendship always needs to be loyal to planting; use enthusiasm to irrigate, use principles to cultivate, and use understanding to care. I think: Yes, people can't have no friendship, but it is very difficult to have a true friendship []Marlboro Lights[/url]. Friends should trust each other. Students should understand each other and learn to be self-critic so that they can get along with classmates and good friends []Online Cigarettes[/url]. The land is more harmonious and more harmonious. Thinking of this, I rushed to find the materials and tools of the small wooden boat []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], and made a brand new small wooden boat. I posted a small note on it, which read: Chen Ming, I am sorry, I am too impulsive. can you forgive me?The next day, I returned to the class. Chen Ming saw me and hurried over and handed me a new small wooden boat. He said, "Let's reconcile!" I thought: obviously I am wrong, can be Chen Ming Not only did not blame me, but also offered to reconcile. I am really embarrassed... I also handed the little wooden boat I made myself to him and smiled at him []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. In this way, we became a very good friend.Now, whenever I see this little wooden boat, I will think of Chen Ming, and I will remember that beautiful friendship. This small wooden boat is the best witness of our friendship!

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