Topic: The "stupid girl" of our class (

The "stupid girl" of our class (Mr. Li Junjie) is a multi-faceted good teacher. He is fair and just in class <a href="">Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online</a>. He is joking for us in class, so everyone likes him very much.In a science class, "Stupid Girl" was concentrating on giving us lessons. Suddenly, Tang Yuyu began to talk small words below. When he saw it, he immediately stopped and screamed, but stood there staring at Tang Yuyu. But Tang Yuyu did not know, and he still laughed at the open mouth. The class is getting quieter and quieter, only Tang Yuyu is still smirking there, and the laughter is particularly harsh. At this time, he seemed to feel something wrong <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes Price</a>. He looked up and saw that he had been stared by the teacher for a long time. He was so scared to sit down <a href="">Online Cigarettes</a>. "Stupid girl" just continued the class just now, and it was up <a href="">Carton Of Newports</a>, Tang Yuyu couldn't help but start talking again <a href="">How Much Is A Carton Of Newports</a>. This time, the "stupid girl" was on fire and shouted loudly: "I will stay and stand after class. I will dare not see you afterwards." Tang Yuyu immediately became disheartened by excitement. Time passed by, and the bell rang. Everyone gathered around and waited to watch the show. Who knows, tolerant and generous, he did not punish Tang Yuyu, just warned him: "This time, forget it. For the next time, you will look good!" I know, it must be "stupid girl" and soft, he always like this.Another time, I met him in the hallway. He smiled and said in a word: "Hey-��-he (reverse my name)." Of course I refused to suffer and missed him aloud. The name: "Jie-Jun-Li." He was not angry at all, but asked me with a smile: "How is the recent exam?" "It's OK, but it's not my most satisfactory score." He saw my emotions. If you are low, encourage me: "As long as you review it well, the final exam will definitely achieve good results." After listening to the "stupid girl", I was deeply encouraged and decided to review it from now on and strive for a good final exam. Achievements, live up to his expectations.Look! This is a multi-faceted "stupid girl", a good teacher who is responsible and amiable!

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