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A woman holds a dog in a shelter for the victims of the earthquake [url=]nike m2k tekno phantom acheter[/url] , at the Mexico University Center in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, on Sept. 25, 2017. The latest death toll from a powerful 7.1-magnitude quake that hit central Mexico on Sept. 19 climbed to 324 on Monday, more than half of them in Mexico City. The head of the national civil protection agency [url=]nike air huarache homme pas cher[/url] , Luis Felipe Puente, said 186 people were killed in the capital, where the seismic tremors toppled at least 38 buildings and damaged thousands of others. (XinhuaFrancisco Canedo)

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" Yao Ming takes photos with officials from the China Youth Development Foundation, Chinese Basketball Association [url=]nike air huarache premium femme[/url] , Dongguan government and Yao Foundation, along with representatives of local children in Dongguan. Yao Ming arrives at a press conference announcing the Yao Foundation Charity Game 2014 in Dongguan on Thursday. The charity basketball contest will be hosted in the city on Aug 31, with NBA stars including Tony Parker of the champion San Antonio Spurs. Yao Ming takes questions from the media in Dongguan on Thursday. A youth from Dongguan gets an opportunity to ask Yao questions at the press conference. Yao Ming talks before the press conference about the development of Chinese basketball and charity causes.

The Yao Foundation Charity Game 2014 will be played in Dongguan, Guangdong province, on Aug 31 [url=]nike air huarache run ultra pas cher[/url] , featuring NBA stars Tony Parker of this year's champion San Antonio Spurs, George Hill from the Indiana Pacers and Shane Battier from the Miami Heat joining Chinese superstar Yao Ming in a match against Chinese basketball stars, Yao said at a press conference on Thursday in the host city.

Battier, who was Yao's teammate with the Houston Rockets, will announce his retirement at a ceremony during the game.

Yao presented a charity basketball game together with NBA guard Steve Nash in 2007. Since then the Yao Foundation [url=]nike air huarache drift breathe pas cher[/url] , which was established in 2008, has held two more games — in 2010 and 2013.

Ticket sales and donations raised by the charity game in Dongguan will go to Yao's China Youth Development Foundation.

Money will be used to support the Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season, a project aiming to provide more teenagers in poor areas with an opportunity to play basketball so that they can taste the joy of sport, gain confidence and learn about team spirit.

Launched in 2012, the project has benefited 151 [url=]nike air huarache pas cher[/url] ,500 students from 186 Hope Primary Schools across the country.

Twenty children selected from among the 1,200 participants in this year's Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season will compete against 20 young basketball players in Dongguan in the third quarter of the upcoming star-studded charity game.

Yao said watching the young players will be a highlight of the game.

Yao, the NBA players and Chinese players will coach 30 young players in Dongguan at a training camp on Aug 30 and select 20 representatives for the game the next day.

It is the first time Yao's charity game will travel to a city outside Beijing.

Dongguan is known in China as a basketball haven. It is the home court for Guangdong Hongyuan, an eight-time CBA champion.

""I hope that sports can become part of people's lives in the future. All the charity events that the Yao Foundation hosts center on the message that strong youths lead to a strong country,"" Yao told China Daily before the press conference.

He also pointed out that Chinese basketball is not in a sustainable development pattern because it concentrates resources in the national team while leaving the training system underdeveloped.

He compares the distribution of resources to an ill-balanced person with a big head and a small figure.

""The national team is the big head [url=]nike air max plus pas cher[/url] , while the training system is a small figure. This is unsustainable, Yao said.


?BEIJING, July 22 (Xinhuanet) -- China hopes that the long-delayed international negotiations on adding more tech products to a tariff-free treaty backed by the World Trade Organization will be put through soon, a senior trade official said on Tuesday.

"The government has been actively participating in the dialogue. We have made great efforts (during negotiations) and wish an agreement will be reached as soon as possible," said Shen Danyang [url=]nike air max 98 pas cher[/url] , spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce.

Shen's comments came after the WTO said 54 of its members are close to a deal that will expand the 20-year-old Information Technology Agreement and eliminate tariffs on an additional list of 201 products valued at about $1 trillion in annual trade across the globe.

The products to be put on the list include new-generation semiconductors, global positioning system navigation equipment and medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging products and ultrasonic scanning apparatus, according to the WTO.

The negotiators were asked to hand in a feedback of the product list to the WTO before Friday.

When the product list and draft declaration are approved, the members will spend several months hammering out the technical details and the timetable for tariff elimination [url=]nike air max 98 gundam pas cher[/url] , according to the ministry and the WTO.

Once finalized, the ITA 2.0 will be the first tariff-cutting agreement in the WTO for 18 years.

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