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Perhaps, in our view, green is everywhere: the green belt along the road, the flower beds in front of the building, and even a potted pot on the balcony []Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons[/url]... are all green we see.d, tens of millions of years ago []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], our Mother Earth was wearing her beautiful green dress. With the sky blue hairpin, she gave birth to her children. That is, the forest is so dense, the birds are willing to perch and sing there; the flowers are willing to grow and dance there; the animals are willing to live and play there... Yes, everything is so beautiful. So harmonious!r, people appeared. This is a mischievous child, often provokes the earth mother to be angry, so angry that she is often angry (volcanic eruption), and often secretly crying (flooding), often coughing (dust storm)... finally mother is sick, she no longer wears a green skirt And put on yellow-green clothes. However, her naughty child still knows nothing, still mischievously wiped out the green color on her mother's clothes and wiped it away...en, where are you?al desertification is getting more and more serious, and it is not others who are all this. It is those of us who rely on the earth to survive but do not know how to cherish this land!le cut down trees, overgraze, and over-farm []Buy Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. And wasting water... People can't hear the cry of Mother Earth []Newport Gold Cigarettes[/url], she cried so sad!tification has led to a reduction in the area of ??land available for use. Since the 1950s, China has 670,000 hectares of arable land []Newport Short[/url], 2.35 million hectares of grassland and 6.39 million hectares of forest land into sand.tification has led to a severe decline in land productivity. The original fertile land was no longer fertile due to desertification.ertification has led to an increase in natural disasters. Sandstorms, mudslides, floods... these natural disasters are constantly coming to people!, where are you?solve the bell, you must also ring the bell. The person who caused all of this is us, so let us join hands and find the green that belongs to us! Green, come back!