Topic: is true that most New Zealanders are tremendously friendl

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We had only been back a few days from our trip to 8. Europe when Louise said she thought we might go to New Zealand next Christmas. It was then I knew the travel bug had bitten. All we needed was a golden egg-laying goose and we'd be right. Fortunately for us one came along and I know it's like finding a needle in a haystack for people with disabilities to be tripping over such a windfall [url=]Cheap Timothy Fosu-Mensah Jersey[/url] , however we were lucky. But enough of multiple metaphors; New Zealand was great! Before we went, we asked people who had been where we should go. Nearly all replied, "Everywhere's good". Not much help, we thought. Now we know they were right!

There are many reasons why an Australian disabled tourist should go to New Zealand. For a start [url=]Cheap Sergio Romero Jersey[/url] , they speak English (well sort of. I had almost perfected my Kiwi accent, but the rest of the family forbade me 'prectising' in the car). This makes communication and understanding of our needs so much easier.
New Zealand is so close to Australia, only 3 hours on the plane, and so much cheaper than Europe. Even in their High Season car hire [url=]Cheap Scott McTominay Jersey[/url] , accommodation and tourist attractions were much cheaper than Europe in the middle of Winter. Although food and petrol were dearer than Australia, they were still quite a bit cheaper than Europe too.

Like Tasmania here there's lots to see and do in a small area. Unlike the rest of Australia, you don't have to drive for hundreds of kilometers between big 'tourist spots' (in New Zealand everywhere's a tourist spot!) And it really is true that most New Zealanders are tremendously friendly and helpful.

Things for me seemed a bit harder than Europe in some ways; but that was because with chronic progressive MS things get worse and it was a year later. Louise was right though; it's a good idea to try these things while you still can.
Before You Go It's important for anyone to get organized for a trip overseas, but when you've got a disability it's essential!

Here's some tips:

1. Make sure you take plenty of any medication you may need. Never try to buy it overseas. It will be enormously expensive [url=]Cheap Romelu Lukaku Jersey[/url] , or may not be available. Get a covering letter from your doctor and make sure the airline is aware. Needles are OK in the hold, but if you need to take them as cabin luggage, you'll need to make special arrangements.

2. If you suffer from incontinence, for men I'd strongly recommend wearing a leg bag as it takes away a lot of the pressure of trying to find a toilet in time.
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