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An article about a router-like artifact in ancient China recently went viral online.

This unique bronze ware features five round columns standing on a square base at an equal distance between each other, strongly resembling a Wi-Fi router with five tentacles in the eyes of modern people. Some net users even nicknamed it the “West Zhou Dynasty router.”

This 31-centimeter-high piece unearthed in 1959 can be dated back to the West Zhou Dynasty, over 3 [url=]Nike Shox Turbo 2 Homme Pas Cher[/url] ,000 years ago. The national-level cultural relic and national treasure is housed in central China’s Anhui Museum.

According to the museum’s website, no clues of its functions were found among scholars’ records and literature about the “router-shaped ware.”

No inscriptions, no literary records, or other similarly shaped pieces. It’s even not officially named owing to these reasons.

Early in 1959 [url=]Nike Shox Homme Pas Cher[/url] , the anonymous relic was excavated at a village in southern Anhui province near the Yangtze River, in what is now the Huangshan Airport. Earlier reports speculated that it might be a piece of instrument as five sticks stand for five notes. And some archeologists argued that it’s a pipe holder. But these assumptions were later refuted as no instruments were unearthed in the tomb.

Some academic speculations still need evidence, said Li Yizhi, deputy director of Anhui Museum. And it’s fine that some net users jokingly call it the “West Zhou Dynasty router” for entertainment [url=]Nike Shox OZ 801 Femme Pas Cher[/url] , Li responded.(Agencies)

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You can come across homeowners who are increasingly installing interior French doors in their homes so that they can add resale value to the property. These French doors have been designed to reflect a high end aesthetic. You can come across many of these doors which are framed with quality wood workmanship. They can also be etched with a stylized design, while the glass panel allows the light to penetrate the room so as to cascade into the room.

These French doors can continue to cast ambient light into interior rooms that have little provision for sunlight. Serving as an artistic and sensual experience, French doors at times combine a rustic value with a crisp and clean metropolitan character.