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BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- Trade results between Indonesia and Brunei are far from expectation but several efforts have been undertaken to optimize bilateral trade, Nurul Qomar, Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei said.

Bilateral economic and trade ties fluctuate from year to year, the envoy was quoted as saying Wednesday.

At a gathering to discuss the progress and challenges in bilateral economic and trade relations, the ambassador admitted that results achieved so far are far from expectation.

Compared with 262.2 million Brunei dollars (181.3 million US dollars) in bilateral trade last year, in the first nine months of this year, total trade between the two countries stood at 160.5 million Brunei dollars, with a trade surplus of 11.36 million Brunei dollars in favour of Indonesia.

Eko Himawan, minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the Indonesian Embassy, highlighted activities that have taken place to boost trade ties between Brunei and Indonesia including the Consumer Fair, Brunei International Trade and Consumer Exhibition and Trade Expo in Jakarta, which saw participation of entrepreneurs from both countries.


by Salah Takieddine

BEIRUT, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- On the eve of the opening ceremony of Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic games, Lebanon is building hopes on its participating athletes to return home decorated with medals that have been absent since 1980.

The last medal Lebanon obtained was when Lebanese wrestler Hassan Bechara won the bronze medal in men's Greco-Roman Super-Heavyweight category in Moscow Olympics in 1980.

""Lebanon's athletes participating in 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro represent great hope for the Lebanese people to bring the country's name again to the list of Olympic medals after an absence lasted for 36 years,"" sports commentator Hasan Sharara told Xinhua.

He said ""we hope to be lucky and well-prepared after the past 36 years and to gain the fifth medal after we gained four previous medals, two bronze medals and two silver medals, by four champions.""

The first medals Lebanon gained were in Helsinki Summer Olympics in 1952 when Zakaria Chehab won the silver medal in men's Greco-Roman Bantamweight category and Khalil Taha won the bronze medal in the Welterweight category of the same game.

The third medal was silver when Mohamed Traboulsi won it in weightlifting in men's Middleweight category at Munich Summer Olympics in 1972.

Sharara explained that Ray Bassil participating in the women's trap shooting category and Nassif Elias in the Judo competition are two experienced champions.

Sharara said that ""Ray has Asian, Arab and world records and she is currently classified among the top five champions in the world, thus, there is a possibility that she would win a medal. As for Nassif, the matter is serious and he can win a medal also.""

Bassil will participate in the Olympics after being granted a wildcard because of her advanced results in different championships and has attended a preparatory camp in Turkey before she traveled to Rio de Janeiro.

Nassif for his part won a silver medal in the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan last April and was in the first place in Judo championships in Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.

Emile Rustom Coach of as-Safa, Lebanon's football league champions, said that he hopes those who represent Lebanon in the Olympics become lucky and make the Lebanese people happy like his team won the league competition this year.

""As we won the league competition this year and made our fans happy, I hope those who represent us in the Olympics become lucky and make the Lebanese people happy,"" Rustom told Xinhua.

President of the Lebanese Olympic Committee Jean Hammam mentioned earlier that a mission of the best athletes has been formed to participate in Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Hammam stressed that ""there is great hope to win medals especially in the sports of trap shooting and Judo,"" adding that a budget of 400,000 U.S. dollars have been secured for the mission.

In addition to Bassil and Elias, the Lebanese athletes participating in the Olympics include Mariana Sahakyan in table tennis, canoeist Richard Merjan, Gabriella Doueihy and Anthony Barbar in swimming, Mona Shaito in fencing, runner Chirine Njeim and Ahmad Hazer in 110 meters hurdles.


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