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MADRID, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol on Saturday confirmed he would form part of the squad for the Rio Olympic Games despite his well-publicized worries about the threat posed by the Zika Virus.

The most famous Spanish basketball player of all time, who led the Spanish to silver medals in the Beijing and London Olympics, had raised doubts over his participation a month ago when he wrote a column in the El Pais newspaper, questioning the safety of the Rio games because of the Zika virus, which is known to cause brain defects in unborn babies.

Gasol wrote that he had been surprised by the lack of awareness of the threat of the virus in Eruope, adding that it was something that had to be taken seriously by athletes and that he was contemplating not going. He later added that he was considering freezing his sperm as a precaution.

On Saturday, he explained that despite these worries he will be travelling to Brazil.

"I have taken a decision over by availability for the national side in Rio 2016 and I want to go and to be with the team in my fourth Olympic Games. I want to help the national team one more time," he wrote in sports paper Marca.

Gasol said he had no regrets over making his fears over Zika public. "It was my responsibility to warn about Zika, because it is a serious issue, but my responsibility is also to help my team," he commented.

Spain coach Sergio Scariolo will name the squad for the Rio Oylmpics on Monday June 27th.

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Posted by melanymalot in Animals on January 29th [url=]Anthony DeSclafani Youth Jersey[/url] , 2016

If you have weighed your options and have finally decided in favor of garage and loft conversions Cwmbran or home extensions Cwmbran, then the thought of getting a good service provider must have crossed your mind. They are important in the sense that it is with their help that you will be able to judge whether it is feasible to have a home extension. They also go beyond the feasibility test to help you decide on the type and size of building extension that you need. Many experts in home extensions are able to work on any project successfully [url=]Joey Votto Youth Jersey[/url] , but there are guidelines that you have to consider when choosing a service provider.

The credibility of a company is very crucial. Always go for a home extensions Cwmbran service provider who is registered. In this way you will avoid being duped. There are many service providers out in the market but the unfortunate fact is that not all of them are competent in their profession. Some are in the business to make money. One way of ensuring that you are working with an expert is by choosing a company that is recognized by the federation master builders which is regarded as one of the largest trade associations in this industry. Companies that do not meet the required standards are never become a part of this association.

Another factor that should be considered when looking for a service provider to handle your garage and loft conversions Cwmbran is experience. Many companies and even professionals get better with time and this means that experienced service providers are likely to do a good job as compared to those that have just ventured into the industry. The best way of knowing that a company has experience is not in the number of years that it has existed in the industry. This knowledge is best gathered by looking at the company’s portfolio. Portfolio is the work that has been successfully completed by the company therefore you must check if the company or service provider has done some work that is similar to what you need.

Asking for advice from friends and family is not such a bad idea either. You will be surprised by the number of people that have had home extensions Cwmbran. Given that the economy is not at its best, not many people are able to move to new homes or even construct new ones from time to time. Creating more space in the current home is the latest trend. You can get referrals from friends and family who have used the help of professional home builders when building home extensions or converting their garage and lofts into extra rooms. The beautiful thing about referrals is that you get to work with professionals that have been tried and tested.

We all want the best service providers for our garage and loft conversions Cwmbran [url=]Billy Hamilton Youth Jersey[/url] , but the truth is that our pocket size varies. Cost is a very important aspect to look into. Always opt to work with a service provider who is giving you quality at an affordable rate. You can save a lot of money by using a reliable professional because such a service provider will guide you not just in context of construction but also in the legal formalities. Therefore, using these guidelines for choosing a service provider is one way of being safe than sorry.

Resource Box – In order to expand your home [url=]Scooter Gennett Youth Jersey[/url] , hiring an experienced and certified home extensions Cwmbran service provider is strongly recommended. You might as well inquire if the provider also handles garage and loft conversions Cwmbran because the guidelines for search and selection are same for both.

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