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When I often took my son to the piano to practice playing the piano, I met a mother who was often accompanied by her daughter to practice the piano. The middle-aged woman was dressed in ordinary clothes. After pulling the family, she learned that her husband worked outside the home for two years [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. The eldest son is currently enrolled in a private high school in Foshan, Guangdong (it is said that the students who can attend the school are not only good at all, but also excellent in all aspects. During the reading period, all expenses are free); the younger daughter stays with her. Between words, I am proud of my son��s enthusiasm and my daughter��s obedience. In April of this year, we and several other mothers took their children to a piano competition. In the car, everyone talked about family affairs enthusiastically, and the most talked about was the relationship between mother and daughter. The mother I knew was as if I had found a topic. She began to count the various things between her and her mother-in-law. She said: "When she was a little daughter, her husband was not at home, and she packed up her clothes and went to the hospital for production. After her mother-in-law knew it, she only went to the hospital once and did not bring any food to her. Every time I had a meal, I had to. I took the money and asked the neighboring bed to help buy some food outside. I went out to go home, my mother-in-law didn't pick it up; I didn't take care of the month of the month. I took care of the children and often asked the neighbors to help me to buy food and cook for myself [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. "There was tears in the eyes of the mother, and choked: "My mother-in-law really hates the woman's production and it is a bleak, we are embarrassed. One mother asked: "Why is your mother-in-law so hard?" What about love? Have you offended her before? "The mother I know very well said: "Whether you have not offended, his son is not at home, and I am born to be a descendant of their family [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url]. Shouldn't I take care of me? She continues to say: "People are afraid of sadness, and trees are afraid of skinning." After that, I didn��t go to the mother-in-law completely. Later, the father-in-law was sick, and I didn��t take care of it. I let my mother-in-law run in the hospital and home. The little daughter wants to see Grandpa, I don��t let her go, I bring it with me. Why do big children want to visit them? We are very angry, we are very angry! A mother quietly told me: "A slap in the face does not ring! "When we came back [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], we didn't talk about the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law. We only discussed the education of children in general. The mother I know very well said: "I rarely manage my son's development and let him develop. In the end, he was talented and took the private high school in Foshan, Guangdong. "We admire, showing an envious look. She is very proud, and then said: "Now my son is in high school. When he returns home, he doesn't like to talk as he used to, but he also shows annoyed emotions from time to time. I told him that in fact, your mother is not the kind of woman in the city. I don��t play mahjong, don��t chase soap operas, read books when I have time, and buy a book from Chai Jing. It��s also a smart woman. "Chai Jing is indeed a smart woman. I asked her: "Where is the wisdom of Chai Jing?" "She was busy talking to other mothers and didn't answer my question [url=]Newport 100S[/url]. I don't know if her son knows that his grandfather is sick and his mother doesn't even look at it. Will he admit that his mother is a smart woman when she gets home, we Give the driver a fare. She grinds for a long time and does not give money, bargaining with the driver, saying that it is half-price by taxi or bus. The driver said: "You are chartered, the price is good first. In fact, it is 5 yuan more than a bus. Moreover, I am still waiting for you for a few hours here. "She was still there, and we were a few mothers. We just thought that we had a good price before, and there was nothing to say. After paying the money silently, we got off the bus and didn't wait for her."
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