Topic: It is a rainy season

It is a rainy season, fog, and drifting. The fog shrouded the buildings of the Shaanxi Institute of Technology, shrouded the dawn of a day of awakening, and the life began to open a new page in the morning, and the life was opened and the smog was flowing, with a sudden rise of nostalgia. In this classroom, you set a flame on my chest. You said that this flame is the corner of the sun, but it belongs to you. When the moon and the stars are missing on the road, remember that the flame is on your own heart. Because I remember you, I have flown a lot of winding roads, have fought many waves in the sea of ??clouds, but still flying, flying in this classroom, I say goodbye to you. You know that I am going to go far, maybe I can never go back to you. You give me tears that don't drop and gently smash: You go, go to the air, it's important not to stop flying. From that moment on, I made up my mind not to land the sails of my life easily [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. On the way to the journey, there will never be a destination, no end, every journey, every station, always just your starting point, your other shore, the beginning of your long journey, so I took you with teardrops and gently The dripping flies are flying, until today's fog is over, is it difficult? The pines are straight and grow up in the cracks of the rock. The head of the plum is fragrant in the cold condensation. Our flies are not the children's play of the hornbills. They are not the swirls of the flowers on the water, but the sturdyness of the pines in the soil. Roots, but raised his arms and rushed to the hot air of the white poplars in Tianyu [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. If the advancement is not obsessed with the old clothes, if the spring sprouts are not conquered by the residual snow in the winter, if our land does not allow such real gold, then the pursuit of the soles of the feet is destined to be dusty, yellow and  [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. My university, my dream, we are the soul of jumping, whistling in the floods of the years, when the lead is washed, the big waves are exhausted, the glitz of desperation is just a short decoration of the long journey, only grateful, Let me wash my vicissitudes and count the time. A layer of autumn rain and a layer of cool [url=]Newport 100S[/url], a few green and yellow outside the building. In the morning, the fog is heavy and the mountain is gradually disappearing. The light of the light shirt is against the sound of the rain outside the cold window [url=][/url]. It is said that the distant rain is rushing in the true feelings, and the sudden rise of the memory is thinking: about the past, about the vicissitudes of life, no It is the enthusiasm of today's gratitude and blood boiling!
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