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grandfather asked me to pick the tender ones and let me pick more. I kept pressing in the basket and it was full, so I went home. As a result, after the second selection of Grandpa, after a stir, there is only a small plate. I asked Grandpa, Grandpa said, you can't get too tender, you can't eat too much. Another one is that the grass is very loose and looks too much. Once it is fired, it will shrink a lot of water [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], so it will be less. The vegetable basket is woven by the grandfather himself, and is made of plastic strips used to fix the carton wrapped around the carton. Grandparents opened a small shop and sold some daily necessities for the mountain. To purchase, there would be a paper box. This basket took a lot of paper boxes. My first kite was made by my grandfather. Compilation. Left from home, the rest of the market to take the grandfather to make kites, is to use four rafts to form a skeleton, the skeleton is tied with the black cotton thread used by the grandmother to sew clothing, and sometimes white cotton thread. The body of the kite, my grandfather gave me two cents to let me buy the big white paper I bought. The glue that sticks the skeleton and the white paper together is the paste made by the grandfather himself. The kite reel is made by the grandfather with four small pieces of wood, like the "wind" handle used to remove the empty shell before the grain enters the warehouse, but it is a little different. The general reel is very fast when it is put on the line [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. When you take the line, you have to hold it in one hand and slow down. The reel made by Grandpa has two handles, and the release is very fast. Especially when the line is closed, the two hands hold the handles at both ends and rotate rapidly, and the kite line is looped back and forth. Reel. There is also a bad point, the hand turns faster, the rotation is long, it will be tired, and it has a sour feeling. However, compared to the general single-handle reel, it can be ignored. Later, when I organized a kite-flying activity in my class at the university, I was so tired that it took a long time to wrap the line around the reel [url=]Marlboro Red[/url]. The reel is plastic, small, and completely neglected around a circle. I put it far away, there is no more on the reel, so I wrap it around in a circle. If it��s not for my girlfriend, I��ll take it back to make a commemoration. I broke the line and let it fly. I let myself do it after I freely walked my grandfather and gave me a kite. Sometimes I do it alone at home, sometimes it is a few people who work together on the dam. Do yourself, occasionally unclear, and also say a few words. At first, the kites we made were all made of paper. When they were put back into the air, the kites would always be moist. To go to school, we will gather together after school, which one is far higher, and often play with a lot of eyesight to see the kites in the sky, and then reluctantly close the line, then It is often a little moist to recover the kite. We released the kites on March 3, and we started to release them very early. As long as there is wind, we will put them, often for a month or two. Even the heavens are not beautiful, there is no wind, we also let, then, we ran to open areas, while running and letting. I can't run fast, run fast, the skeleton of the kite can't stand it, and the twists and turns are very powerful. Not only can I not fly to the sky, but I will not plant a plough to plant a rice field. We will select a piece of rice field. The place, running and stopping, then walking backwards, watching the kite flying in the sky, so many times, until the kite flies high, stopping still will fly high. We sat on Tian Teng, looked at the kite, and shook my feet, very proud. Because, as usual, there will be some small partners who are not very skilled, but they can��t fly for a long time. Another reason for running and stopping, and then going backwards is that the mountains are flat and relatively flat. The difference between each paddy field and another paddy field is high, and some people are tall. These should be watched and bypassed. Estimate that you can jump, you can jump, then run and then stop, until the next field, until the
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