Topic: Android & iOS app problems!!!!


Im having a few problems with both apps for both devices android and iOS operating systems I have a HP ProLiant Server N40l running Windows 7 Pro with tonido installed that runs all the time. On the android app I found that today when trying to upload a photo to the Tonido server it said Guest accounts aren't allowed to upload even though I have double checked and my guest account is enabled for unlimited upload capacity and I have both checked read and write on the correct folder am I missing something? Though this does not happen on iPhones it all works fine.I have a samsung Galaxy S3 running Jellybean 4.1.1
The second issue I'm having is with the iPhone app, my mum has an iPhone 4S running iOS version 6.0.1 all video streaming works fine and she can upload files to the server no problem though when she's streaming music it cuts off about 30 second before the song has ended and won't play the whole song this happens within my LAN and outside of it, though the music player on my android device will play the same song fully with no problems. It's always set to play original as I convert all my music to be at 128kbps so it dosen't eat too much space!

Please help.

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Re: Android & iOS app problems!!!!

I am facing this similar issue, I am currently using iPhone 7 and when I tried to upload any pics they send me the same error, in fact, I recently bought a MAC pro from it's only working well on my laptop. I dont know when will this issue fix.

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