Topic: Two hours sync in Linux

Yesterday installed cloudme on my Linux. Today it has been syncing for more than two hours. Loop errors in the log-file.

2015-02-16 15:09:49: onRemoteFetchFailed: folderDoNotExist->Not Root:  "/home/user/folder"
2015-02-16 15:09:49: executeSuccess:  "/home/user/folder" : "xios://folder/subfolder"  | Entry not found-> "562958563808236"

I inactivated folder, than activated it in upload only mode, then activated in bidirectional mode. The same problem.

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Re: Two hours sync in Linux

And it's indexing for half an our or more now. It makes the CloudMe not possible to use.

2015-02-23 08:42:27: executeSuccess:  "/home/user/folder" : "xios://folder/subfolder1/subfolder2"  | Entry not found-> "562958563808221"
2015-02-23 08:42:27: onRemoteFetchFailed: folderDoNotExist->Not Root:  "/home/user/folder"

Re: Two hours sync in Linux

Thanks for the report, can you please email us the file cache.db and all log files under the logs/ folder for CloudMe so we can investigate what the problem is to support at

Thanks, CloudMe Team

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Re: Two hours sync in Linux

This is a functionality we have on our roadmap to add. We will post an update here as soon as it is available.???


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Re: Two hours sync in Linux

New version, 1.90 released today of CloudMe Sync for Windows and Mac, Linux will be released during next week. It resolves a few issues with loops and eternal syncing.

Re: Two hours sync in Linux

I have been trying to sync on Linux Mint 17.1. Several files work well, but with 'letters' the indexing goes on for hours but comes to a halt when the green line gets about 80% across. After 2 hours and 43 minutes, although it shows that it is still indexing, nothing is happening and the message reads 'syncing Waitrose kitchen table (downloading). I have removed and added the file again over and over, but the process doesn't complete.

Re: Two hours sync in Linux

Thank you for the information

Re: Two hours sync in Linux

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Re: Two hours sync in Linux
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