Topic: Reaching end-game in PSO2 is quick

Not having anywhere near as much makeup to get and potentially never seeing most of these due to licensing problems is going to suck big time. Reaching end-game in PSO2 is quick, and with more than sufficient end-game equipment does not take that long. After you're either leveling a different class, min-maxing your stats even though this isn't a really challenging game to warrant that (just bragging rights), or grinding meseta for cosmetics, which is very addicting inside itself. That last part is extremely important to me, so I don't know the english version will continue to keep my attention.

I am hoping to be proven wrong and that I know that it will take some time transferring things over, but when this really is a F2P, I just hope they know their position in the western marketplace when already a fantastic chunk of fans knows the JP servers are stuffed to the brim with content, and that they don't do some acute P2W components.

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