Topic: I think I enjoy the RuneScape skill as it is

Lack of riches generation is totally natural for a growing, evolving game. New content is better, stronger, more rewarding; of course it is! It would be lifeless. Whether is powercreep of wealth is too quick or too slow is a conversation to be had - my point is that this powercreep should occur in a game that is living. That's how it works. Look it is a buyable gathering RuneScape skill. Not a pure collecting, not a buyable. Just like with almost any buyable, if you want to be on the front part of the frontpage it is likely to cost an amount.Obviously. You think anyone on the building frontpage was loaded? There is not anything wrong with that. If you are not obsessed with all the race the boosts you get from the tea and so forth are minor and might not be worth it. Chronotes will settle on a price and they will work out to be not rewarding and rewarding for some for others. That is the way the economy around a buyable works.In all honesty, I think I enjoy the RuneScape skill as it is. Compared to divination which is a nightmare of pointless mill to finish, archaeology was believed on the xp/hr in my view.
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Re: I think I enjoy the RuneScape skill as it is

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