Topic: Short Review of Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport Werable Devices

After nearly a decade in service, or rather a decade not used so widely, Samsung finally decided to retire the not-so-smart S Voice. This is really not a big deal for Samsung phones over the past three or so years, as they have already moved to Bixby. This is not the same thing for some of the Samsung or casio watches still supported as in the 2016 Gear S3. Fortunately, they too may have some hope in the very near future.

Comparing your voice with that of Bixby is like comparing apples to oranges. Although Samsung was practically the answer to both Apple Siri, it was far from being as intelligent no matter how Samsung spins it.

It served its purpose for one-time voice commands, but didn’t really offer anymore, and it was ultimately left on the sidelines, especially after the launch of Bixby.

Samsung has reportedly turned off S Voice down, leaving some of its devices without a voice control agent. Some older phones and tablets won't even get Bixby, but that's not really a problem. In the end, they can use the Google Assistant or any other third-party AI assistant.

Smart watches rafiqsonsonline(.)com/product-category/omax-watches/sparkle-watch/ is a different story because they have no other voice control option than S Voice. The Gear S3, both classic and Frontier, and Gear Sport, in particular, will be left without a voice if any of their owners really used Voice S at all. Starting with the 2018 Galaxy Watch , however, Samsung has already added Bixby access on its wrists.

SamMobile reports that older wearable devices from 2016 and 2017 may receive Bixby in a future update. This is still not confirmed, of course, and Samsung is not exactly known for its stellar support for old smart watches. However, there is still some time since the ax will fall on Voice S on June 1, 2020.

Re: Short Review of Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport Werable Devices

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