Topic: Can't get webdav to work on linux device (Kobo)

1. I want to be able to download my own ebooks onto my Kobo hardware device from the cloud
(Sadly it doesn't offer cloud support natively in the default OS)

2. A popular third-party app called KOreader does have the capacity to access cloud storage via webdav

3. However when I enter the same exact credentials that worked to create a network drive on windows (see below), it didn't work.
a) It returned

Re: Can't get webdav to work on linux device (Kobo)

FFS it cut off half of my post !

Re: Can't get webdav to work on linux device (Kobo)


a) It returned an error of "Empty Folder"

4. I put in the standard things that the help guide said, and which worked in windows. Essentially:[my user name]
The pw I use for CloudMe

5. The only thing it asks for which I don't understand is 'starting folder'
I also dont know if the field called 'Server Display Name' is anything special - i assume you can enter anything.

6. See Screenshot:

7. NOTE: KOReader also has a cloud storage module/tool dedicated just to a well-known cloud storage (starting with D). FWIW I got this working

8. But I want to see if Webdav will provide a more information-rich interface (such as KOReader being able to show book covers or something)

Can anyone pls help me enter the right things to get it working?