If you wanted to get the developer’s beta to use the new emojis, then do not worry. Apple rolled out iOS 13.2 public beta 2 for iPhones, and it is loaded with fixes. And well, all the brand-new emojis are included as well. Moreover, it comes with a Deep Fusion photography feature. The new emojis contain pinch, sloth, banjo, safety vest, stethoscope, etc. It is also packed with a quick action called the Delete app. Users do not have to press and hold for deleting apps now. To get this for your iPhone, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Create an Archived Backup of the iPhone
If you want to create an archived backup of the iPhone, then you need to follow the instructions given below.
•    First of all, you have to connect the iPhone or into the Mac or Windows PC.
•    Then you should open iTunes.
•    You have to go to the menu bar & select the iPhone or icon when it comes.
•    Go to the “This Computer” & ensure the backup is set.
•    Navigate to the “Back Up Now” option.
•    When it asked, click on Back up Apps.
•    You should hold Command to launch Preferences.
•    Thereafter you have to select the Devices option.
•    You should ctrl-click on the Backup & select Archive.

Source  : https://mcafeeoactivate.com/how-to-download-ios-13-2-public-beta-2-on-iphone