Yes, we have this functionality through WebShares.

The correct way of sharing is to use a WebShare, which allow a user to both access the shared folder as a published web page link and also add it to their account and access the shared folder as part of their file system (by following it).

We have fixed the bug with the special character in the WebShare name that affected you and it shall all work fine now. So you did all the right steps smile


New version, 1.90 released today of CloudMe Sync for Windows and Mac, Linux will be released during next week. It resolves a few issues with loops and eternal syncing.


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Please send us your log files from CloudMe Sync. Right click on the CloudMe icon, go to Help, then View Log Files and email us, support at
We released a new version of CloudMe Sync today, so try and install it first and see if it resolves your problem.


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Did you login using your username (not email address)? Check your welcome email for the username if you have forgotten it smile

It looks like you have added one more sync folder to CloudMe than the blue folder. Go to the taskbar and right click on the CloudMe icon, choose to Open CloudMe Sync. Under the synced tab, you can see all folders that are being synced. If there is an operating system related catalog, just remove it (will not remove it on your computer).

If not, please check the contents of the blue folder to see if a system catalog has been dragged into that folder. If so, please move it outside the CloudMe folder.

Every time you reinstall your computer, you will be asked to name the computer in CloudMe. Currently you are not able to reuse a name already used, thereby ending up with names like ASUS (1), ASUS (2) etc.

We are currently rebuilding how we manage devices, so you will be able to see all and also delete old devices no longer used. We will also try to make it possible to reuse a previous name if you reinstall a computer.

So right now there is nothing you can do and nothing is wrong with your account. It is just that names from old installations are kept as devices. As soon as the new features are available, you will be able to see and delete old device names and also rename your device to get rid of the (1) at the end.

Download the Debian version from our site and then use the Linux command to convert the Debian package to a RPM and it will solve your problem:


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The next version of the WD TV firmware will fix this issue and support the newer version of SSL which CloudMe requires. We had to shut down some versions of SSL that was not secure in order to not jeopardize the security of the entire CloudMe service.


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WebDAV is the evolution after FTP and more secure to use, in addition it is built into all modern operating systems and does not require you to install a FTP-client. So please use the WebDAV support, we will not support FTP since it is not as secure.

You are at the right place!

1. Create a CloudMe account on (alternatively sign up for CloudMe through Appcelerator)

2. Download the sync software for Windows, Mac or Linux,

3. Checkout our API's and how to develop:


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Yes Goodreader is compatible with CloudMe.

1. Select the "Connect" button
2. Choose "Add"
3. Choose "WebDAV Server"
4. Write "CloudMe" as readable title
5. Enter the URL-address:

6. Enter user: your_username
7. Enter password: your_password
8. Select "windows-style name encoding"
9. Choose "Add" to complete

Now CloudMe is available as a WebDAV network drive!

The same functionality is available in CloudMe, you right click a file and choose to Share, then click the "Copy Link" button and you will get a link you can paste into an email or browser.

CloudMe does however out of security reason not allow you to publish HTML-files as links. This removes the ability to publish web sites through CloudMe.


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New version of the WD TV CloudMe app has been published, which now includes the functionality to play music if you have the latest WD TV firmware.


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CloudMe on WD TV is now working again. CloudMe upgraded our security policies but the WD TV hardware was not ready. We have now made an exception for the WD TV and are waiting for a new firmware update on the WD TV to be able to turn it on again.


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Thanks for the feedback, we will look into this and fix the bugs. Can you please let us know the iOS version of each device as well as differences in iOS version needs to be addressed differently.

Have you noticed any improvements with the latest updates to our iOS app?


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We have this functionality in development, so it will hopefully be available in Q1 next year.


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I believe what you are looking for is not WebDAV, but CalDAV, which is an extension to WebDAV to support syncing of calendar data. CloudMe does not support it, since the goal is to sync files.

Hi Steve,

They should render into thumbnails as soon as they have been uploaded to our servers if they have the correct extension and mime-type. We will look into the application you used and see if it can be configured in someway.

Thanks, Daniel

PS! Please email us at the support (at) email a WebShare link of a folder with images without thumbnails.

Are you still having these problems with CloudMe Sync 1.84 ?

You need to use HTTP DIGEST in order to make any calls to the CloudMe API. Please check the internet for how to best setup these headers with the software you are using.


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Please check Settings in CloudMe Sync so that you have not selected "Max Upload" speed to anything else than max. There is an option to reduce the speed.


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Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate feedback about the areas of the service that our users want to see improved.

The exact location of our servers are in southern parts of Sweden, we own the hardware and manage our own servers. We are not running on someone else cloud service. We take care of our own hardware and hard drives and run on a cloud computing platform that we have built in cooperation with Xcerion.

We are planning to add more languages to the site and web application. The technology has been built and as a first trial we translated it to Swedish. More language like Spanish, French and German will follow.

If you have ideas on how we can improve the user experience, we would be delighted to hear your suggestions. Please email them in text or graphics to support at We read every email :-)

Best, Daniel

This is a functionality we have on our roadmap to add. We will post an update here as soon as it is available.

Can you please contact support at so we can verify this further with a new version we have in development?

Hi J,

Thanks for your reply, very helpful to get that level of detail on the requirements smile

I actually went back in our archives and have discovered that our back-end database architecture actually do support exactly the type of check in/check out functionality that you are looking for. We designed it for the scenario you are describing. For some reason, we have not exposed the functionality yet in our API or clients, but every file ever created in CloudMe have these properties!

It will therefore be possible for us to implement the functionality with less efforts than anticipated. We will put this in our development plan. The hard work will be to get it into all our clients.

Once again, thanks for your most valuable input.

Best, Daniel
Founder CloudMe