With the help of the third party software, Boxcryptor that supports CloudMe, you may encrypt / decrypt your files. Please visit Boxcryptor for more information: [url]https://www.boxcryptor.com/en/download[/url]

CloudMe currently does not feature built in support for encryption or decryption of files. You can upload and download encrypted files, but the actual encryption/decrytion can only be done on your local computer. This means that the CloudMe web user interface, iPhone, iPad, Android and TV apps will not be able to display these files. However, Boxcryptor provides mobile apps, allowing mobile access to your encrypted files in CloudMe.

The data belongs to the user that uploaded the data. CloudMe does not claim any rights to the uploaded files.

Short answer: "No", not by any software or app provided by CloudMe.

Long answer: CloudMe itself is only a webpage similar to Google or Facebook and we are keeping it as safe as possible, so viruses, trojans or worms will not infect your computer or mobile phone.

However, any user of CloudMe may publish their own files as WebShares, including archives, setup and executable files that you may use to install software on your computer. These files may contain unwanted software. As always, do only download files from people you know and trust. We strongly advice to install an antivirus software before downloading any files from the internet.

User published content will always be under [url]https://my.cloudme.com[/url]


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Yes. Files are automatically backed-up once a day.

Your files are stored in our secure data center, in Sweden, a country within the European Union. While we are using Akamai's content-delivery network for delivering application icons, any private data created or uploaded by our users is only available at the CloudMe data center in Sweden.

You can find our Privacy Policy [url=http://www.cloudme.com/en/privacy-policy/]here[/url].

Since a user can try the service for free before a purchase, we have decided that all purchases are non-refundable.

Feel free to email your comments or questions to [email]support@cloudme.com[/email]

Will older versions of my document be available?

CloudMe keep the last 60 days versions of all your files. Login to CloudMe using a browser and click on the traschcan icon to view older versions of files. From here you can also restore an old version or a file that accidentaly was deleted.

Forgot your password? Can't remember your username?

The easiest way to recover your username and/or create a new password is to enter your [b][u]registered email address[/u][/b] at: [url=http://sos.cloudme.com/recover]sos.cloudme.com/recover[/url]

Your username will be included in the Password Recovery Email.

Absolutely! Our free 3 GB account is available for all who wish to learn more about our service.

To get your free account, register [url=http://www.cloudme.com/en/register]here[/url]

Yes, we offer 200 GB, 500 GB, 2 TB and 5 TB accounts on CloudMe. Larger accounts may be used to share storage using Collaboration WebShares to free or smaller accounts. Suitable for small and medium businesses needing a common cloud-based file server. The large account may act as a company file server account.

Please see our [url=http://www.cloudme.com/en/pricing]Pricing Page[/url].

You may choose to pay for premium accounts monthly or once a year (annually).

If you use CloudMe through a partner, please refer to their billing system and procedures for more information.

Remember that you may always use CloudMe for free with the free plans and may increase available storage using the referral program, [url]https://www.cloudme.com/en/getmorespace[/url].

Here's how you configure NetDrive to connect to CloudMe:

1. Select CloudMe from Site->Public Sites->CloudMe

2. Modify Site IP or URL to the following: webdav.cloudme.com/yourusername/xios
(your username needs to be entered in lowercase letters)

3. Select a Drive letter

4. Insert your Account name and Password, optionally select Save password.


5. Press Advanced and select Use HTTPS. This will change the Port to 443.


6. Press Connect and enjoy your encrypted WebDAV connection to CloudMe!

Deleting your account means that you will lose access to all your files, applications and preferences using cloudme.com and services such as WebDAV.

[i]Please download any files that you wish to keep before proceeding with deleting your account![/i]

To delete your CloudMe account, go to this URL:


For any questions you may have, please contact us via email.



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Hi ajlarso,

Thank you for being loyal to CloudMe. CloudMe is currently focused on making our service the best on the market for storing, accessing and sharing your digital life with friends and family. 

We are also looking into the future of our Web Desktop service including its continuous development. The next release will be later this year so make sure to read your monthly newsletter for the latest on CloudMe!

Kind Regards,