Topic: I came to Kunmin

I came to Kunming and saw many kites. Almost every time I walked back to my place of residence. Nanping Street is a must. More times, I always feel that I often see kites. The kite flies high and flies far away. The owner of the kite reel always stands on the side of the Bijifang, and it is easy to enjoy. There will always be tourists who will stop and look up. The passers-by will also look up and look at the passers-by. If you look at others and look up at the sky, you will always look up in the direction of looking up, sometimes Extend a hand on the forehead, sometimes the sun is in that direction, sometimes it is limited to the distance of vision. You need to cover it and catch your eyesight to see it clearly. Later, when I arrived at the sky in Nanping Street, I always looked up and saw if there was a kite. The chicken broiler was a gate-style wooden archway, and it was so eager to take off, and it was magnificent. It was quite similar to her structure. Ten meters is the Golden Horse Square. The golden horse is in the east and the chicken is in the west. According to legend, the sun will fall, the afterglow shines to the west side of the Bijifang, and the reflection casts on the street in the east. At this time, the moon has just risen from the east, the moon shines in the Golden Horse Square, the silver shines, and the reflection is cast. On the west side of the street, the two shadows gradually moved closer together, and finally they were handed over together, reflecting each other [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], and the spectacle of