Topic: The prime embryo

The prime embryo outlines the blue and white, and the stroke is sharp. The peony depicted in the bottle..." This melodious song is often reminiscent of the scene where the pen is flowing in the sky like jade white porcelain.Most people don't know, the craftsmen who made blue-and-white porcelain at that time were actually cautious, trembled, and they couldn't get along with it. There are too many details in the production of blue and white porcelain, and the most skilled craftsmen in time are also unpredictable [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. People often say that "Artisans are daring", but I believe that those skilled craftsmen at that time must be timid. Artisans often have near-paranoid requirements for beauty [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. When craftsmanship rises to art, it will not be tolerated. Then there was fear, and there was cowardice, and I dared not easily start. Just like a highly skilled painter, facing the blank rice paper, I have to imagine it in my heart for a thousand times before I dare to draw the first stroke. This is the love of the work, appreciation and respect for one's own skills. Yi Gao people are timid [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], and they are a kind of person who respects art. The bigger the skill, the more humility the knowledge becomes. Because of its high art, so broad, know that there are people outside, there are days outside the sky. Newton said: "I was successful because I stood on the shoulders of giants." Art timid, is a kind of humility, people see a high person with a strong attitude to the world, heroic and self-confident, but they do not know that because of their special status, especially cherish the feathers, the heart is more than the slightest careless and cautious . They are even more afraid of the ridicule of failure, the dilemma of being they become timid people, and it is normal to be alone in cautiousness. Yi Gao people are timid, and there is no self-respecting general in the world unless you withdraw from the battlefield. Since you are in the bureau, you should be deeply convinced. On the other hand, Wang Xia was encircled, Zhao said on the paper, and Cao Cao defeated Chibi, which was caused by heart madness. The true art high person will know that "if you are in the abyss, like a thin ice", you can understand the gains and losses of life, not madness, not forgetting. Yi Gao people are timid, a kind of intelligent art timid, is really courageous, with a modest heart, holding the sails of excellence, sailing toward the more beautiful goal of the storm.
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