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Fashion month is a test of endurance for editors. Tracking shows across four cities, we can rack up some serious mileage. And try as we might to leave enough time between shows, presentations, meetings, work meals, events, we will inevitably be sprinting at some point every day. It's like an Olympic sport, but with bad equipment. Case in point: those new heels you bought yourself as a holiday treat are NOT running shoes. And, let me tell you from experience, fashion week is no time for blisters.

You get so lucky when you get to create something new that's never been done before, and you fall in love with it as you're making it, she told the outlet. But coming into this already knowing that I'm such a fan? And saying every one of those iconic lines? I [b][url=]Air Force 1[/url][/b] can't put it into words; it's just going to be so thrilling.

So if you're on the hunt for your go-to spring [b][url=]travis scott air force 1[/url][/b] shoe that's equal parts comfortable and polished, why not elevate your trusty flats to footwear that's basically a present for your feet? With colors like sapphire, cinnamon, and even wildcat to chose from, the Rothy's Mary Jane shoe is one that - despite its shape - definitely doesn't fall flat.

As designers, we pretty much exclusively wear secondhand clothes or our own [designs]. Vintage shopping has always been part of our education, [b][url=]maharishi x air force 1[/url][/b] and how we learn about clothes, said Mike Eckhaus. Rather than partner with a company to make footwear samples, the duo wanted to use the opportunity to promote a more sustainable and approachable way of rounding out their shows.