Topic: How does one become a Salesforce Platform Developer?

Who is a Salesforce Platform Developer?

A Salesforce Platform Developer is a computer programming specialist who creates Salesforce applications across various PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms.
The Salesforce CRM software suite has been mapped out to assist IT firms as they flourish by analyzing and determining the needs of their customers, using cloud-based computing for offering services pertinent to CRM like sales & marketing. This article emphasizes on how to become a Salesforce Developer.
The functions and responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer are almost the same as those of other professional software and application developers.
Building an affinity towards clients and earning their trust is imperative for a Salesforce Developer in order for the latter to better establish what the former expects from incorporation of Salesforce into their firms’ operational processes and to zero in on the fundamental purpose which Salesforce implementation will serve for streamlining these processes.
The implication of this is focusing on clients’ needs which are beyond the scope of the software or management system they are using (which may include performance & security issues) & leveraging the advanced features and functionality of the Salesforce software suite to effectively tackle these issues and address all clients’ needs.
How to become a Salesforce Platform Developer?

A Salesforce Developer usually holds a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and often commands good skill in usage of computer programming (languages).
Having a basic understanding of Model-View-Controller design pattern, OOP fundamentals, .NET & Java will give an aspiring learner who is a wannabe Salesforce Platform Developer; an added advantage while understanding concepts related to the job description of a Salesforce Platform Developer.
It is advisable to work as an intern with an IT firm after graduating from college to gain industry oriented and hands on skills.
If, however, you are keen on becoming a Salesforce Platform Developer long after graduation or post-graduation, then enroll for a Salesforce Platform Developer training course which offers a certification post completion.
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