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How can I place my Blue Folder in another harddisk on my computer.
Now i have it under "My Documents" on C:\
I wont have it on C:\ since i feel safer if I can place it on another harddrive insted.


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Hi Lathor,

It is currently not possible to move the Blue Folder to another location. 

However, the good news is that you can create another (or as many as you want!) sync folder that acts just like the Blue Folder and place it wherever you like. Just download the [url=http://]CloudMe Sync application[/url] to create a new sync folder.  The key here is that you change the Sync Type to "Hotsync".

To create a new Hotsync folder:
1. Click "Add a sync folder"
2. Choose the locations of the folders you are syncing or create a new folder in each location to be synced
3. Click "OK"
4. Under Sync Types, choose "Hotsync" (Note: The folder color changes from yellow to red to show that it is now a Hotsync folder)

Please be aware that just like within the Blue Folder, any additions or [b]deletions[/b] made within the folder on your computer will be hotsynced (instantaneously synced) with your folder in your CloudMe account and vice versa.

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Where is the Hotsync function now? I used it, but after updating I can't find it! As a result I have many files, that have conflicted from my devices.

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Hi Ermak,

Right click on the CloudMe icon in the taskbar, choose View sync folders and make sure all your synced folders are "active", if not, click on them and the Activate button to make sure they all are.

If you right click on a folder, you may change the "Sync method" from scheduled to automatic. Automatic is the same as "Hotsync". Make sure all are automatic and active and you should be all fine.

After doing the above settings, you can click the "Sync now" button to be extra sure that all the latest changes have been transferred. Before shutting down you computer or hibernating it, it is important to make sure that all changed files are synced first, otherwise, you might be editing an older version on another computer and thereby get a conflict. It is a good practice to double click on the CloudMe icon and press "Sync now" before closing your computer and continuing work and another computer.


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Sorry, I know this is a old topic. Moving away from Dropbox. Is this now possible to move the location of the Blue folder and some other folders?

I personally would like it sitting on another drive.

Thank you,

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We have this functionality in development, so it will hopefully be available in Q1 next year.