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What is the maximum file size which can be uploaded?

Re: Maximum file size

Hi robin-m1,

As you can see on our [url=]pricing page[/url], it depends on which account you have.

The 3 and 25 GB accounts have an upload file size limit of 150 MB.

The 100 and 500 GB accounts do not have an upload file size limit.

Re: Maximum file size

It would be great if CloudMe gave a message when you tried to upload file sizes greater than your account allowed.

I have been trying to upload two 300MB+ files to CloudMe (since in Sync they were not recognised - again, no messages to tell the use what is wrong) --- over 24 hours!!!

Amazingly one file appeared to be uploading ... then got to 101% (WTF?) .. then 111% (WTF!!!!) ... until suddenly *Failed*.

Not a good way to treat your users - or promote your service (let then stuff around for hours trying to figure out why their file isn't uploading ha ha ha)

Re: Maximum file size

We will address this problem with the new version of CloudMe Sync. Thanks for being so persistant and testing the software.

Best, CloudMe Team

Re: Maximum file size

I'm trying to upload a 75mb file, but it only gets as far as 32% and then stops. When I refresh the page it's missing from the upload list. I've tried several times, but to no avail.

Re: Maximum file size

Please email us at, we need to know some more to look into this;

- Web browser and version
- Operating system
- Type of file you tried to upload

Thanks, CloudMe

Re: Maximum file size

We are investigating this, it looks like it is a bug in the Linux version of CloudMe Sync. We will need to get a new version out to fix this. Please use the WebUI or WebDAV to upload meanwhile.

Re: Maximum file size

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