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I just downloaded the Android-app. But when I make changes in a word-file in my Android-phone, this change does not appear when I open the same document on my laptop.
Doesn't syncing work from the phone to the web?

Re: sync files in android

Hi stabro99,

When you make changes to a Word file on your Android, the file is first downloaded to your Android where the changes are made and saved.  Therefore, the changes are not made "in your CloudMe account" but rather on your phone. 

Solution: After making changes to the downloaded document on your phone, upload it to the same folder it came from in your CloudMe account.  The changed document will then be available on both your Android phone and on the web!

Re: sync files in android

If you want to sync files from Android to computer, we can also use Android mobile manager tool, which can sync all files like contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, etc to computer for backup.

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Re: sync files in android

I also happened the same problem.i try to install the android app.  The app installed but it doesn't appear changes in my phone.i would like to know the solution to this problem. anyway thanks a lot for sharing this post.i hope you include more post.