Topic: Sync Folder Gone from Client

I have a sync folder other than CloudMe, and files have synced OK.

Today, I start cloud me on my PC and click on Sync Folders ... and it has gone!!!

I checked on CloudMe web access, and thankfully the folder and files were all there.

So I've re-added my vanished sync folder ... and of course it has to re-sync.

But why did the folder vanish to start with ... how often is this going to happen???

Re: Sync Folder Gone from Client

Further to the above ...

I recreated the sync folder; talking files from

c:\users\x\cloudphd to CloudDrive:\Documents\CloudPhd

To my surprise this created a new folder CloudDrive:\Documents\CloudPhd\CloudPhd ... so now everything was uploaded twice!

OK, so I deleted CloudDrive:\Documents\CloudPhd\CloudPhd; and deleted the sync folder and started again; only to find that the 'deleted' files were not actually deleted but 'hidden' and there appears to be no way to remove them ... so my storage has doubled and I can't reduce it.

Not happy CloudMe.

Re: Sync Folder Gone from Client

And further to the above ...

I now find in all my endnote references database files, I have a mess of (Conflict 'Toshiba' YYYY_MM-DD HH:MM:SS).XXX files ... even though this is the only PC I have uploaded from!

Even less happy CloudMe!

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This just goes from bad to worse:

On my PC I have 39 files in:

After a sync of CloudPhD; I have in CloudDrive:\Documents\CloudPhD\onenote\Notebooks\Thesis

only ONE file ....

Bye Bye CloudMe

Re: Sync Folder Gone from Client

So tried another sync ... still the files did not upload ... manually uploaded them from web ... but makes me wonder what else is not being uploaded ...

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We have now done a thorough investigation and found a problem when saving the database file with your sync folders in some instances, resulting in lost settings. This have in turn created the other errors as follow on problems.

Soon we will post a new version of CloudMe Sync, which will fix this problem. If you need to recover any file, click on the Trashcan icon to see previous versions of all files for the last 60 days. From there you can restore any file if needed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best, CloudMe Team

Re: Sync Folder Gone from Client

Great to see the issue was followed up and resolved. Thanks.