Topic: CloudMe and Google calendar

hallo and sorry for the wide distribution of this topic but maybe somebody else is also interested in the same point.
Well, I've mapped my Outlook calendar to the cloudMe webdav drive so I have a nearly updated calendar copy in the shared webdav drive.
My intent is then to have Google calendar pointing by URL to the webdav copy of the calendar to have it on my google account too:

Outlook calendar --->>> cloudMe drive <<<--- URL pointed from Google calendar

I tried many times without success? Has anybody already tried it successfully? Is this impossible?
Any help is much appreciated!

Re: CloudMe and Google calendar

I believe Google Calendar requires CalDAV, which is WebDAV + extra layer (files in the correct CalDAV format?). Is Outlook saving its files in the CalDAV format or in the Outlook standard format?

This plugin for Outlook that provides CalDAV support, but I am not sure if it will work with our WebDAV implementation.


Anyone else having a suggestion?