Topic: Cloudme fails to sync a folder with symbolic links

System and software:
Mac OS X 10.6.8
Cloudme, 1.7.1, downloaded a few days ago.

Problem description:
I have configured CloudMe Sync to sync a folder, with Sync Mode for the folder as "Upload".
In this folder I have placed symbolic links to a set of files (JPEG images) in another folder.
When clicking in "Sync Now" in CloudMe Sync no files are found to be synced.

Expected behaviour:
I expected the files pointed to by the symbolics links to be copied to the Cloudme server.

[Edit: added version number for Cloudme].

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Re: Cloudme fails to sync a folder with symbolic links

Thanks for reporting, we will look into this!

Re: Cloudme fails to sync a folder with symbolic links

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Re: Cloudme fails to sync a folder with symbolic links

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