Topic: How do I collaborate in a shared folder?

Sharing in CloudMe is done using WebShares. You may choose from three different types of shared folders:

- WebShares (read only)
- WebShares+ (read only, but other may upload new content, but not overwrite or delete)
- Collaborate (read/write/delete/update)

All shared folders may be added to another users account (followed) or accessed without having a CloudMe account using a WebShare link, similar to this: [url][/url]

You may set a password on all three types of WebShares, but WebShare+ and Collaborate WebShares requires a password.

If you are going to collaborate on a project in a group, use a CloudMe folder as a shared file server in a company or organization, then Collaborate is the most convenient method. Please note that if you share a folder of for example 70 GB, the receiving person do not need to have that space available in their account, they may follow your shared folder with a free account (3 GB). This means that accepting shared content do not cost you quota.

You do not need to know or force a person to have a CloudMe account, anyone can access what you are sharing using the WebShare link or choose to add the folder to their own CloudMe account, if they happen to have an account. We believe this freedom is important.

[u]Example typical collaboration[/u]
1. Two person A and person B both create their own CloudMe account
2. They install CloudMe Sync on their computers [url][/url]
3. Person A creates a folder on its desktop, "My Project", and chooses "Share Folder" in CloudMe Sync:
- Windows: Right click on folder and choose Share Folder
- Mac: Right click on CloudMe icon on taskbar, choose Share Folder in menu and select the folder
4. A WebShare of type Collaborate is chosen
5. Person B is invited using its username, email or by "Copy link to clipboard", which then is pasted in an email
6. Person B will not be notified through CloudMe Sync that "My Project" from person A is available to follow, and selects Yes.
7. Person B will be asked if the followed WebShare shall be synced to the computer, and selects Yes.
8. Done! Now both can put documents, edit files, create sub folders etc in the "My Project" folder and it will be synced between them.