Topic: Mobile photo upload is interrupted when mobile goes to sleep

The first time you start to upload a couple of hundred or thousands of photos from your mobile camera roll to CloudMe it will take a while. During this initial sync, the CloudMe mobile app needs to be active and running.

However, as soon as the mobile goes into sleep mode, the upload is interrupted.

We have built a solution to this. The mobile needs to be able to put the phone into sleep even though the CloudMe app is running, so we have prevented sleep mode from happening in only one dialog. If you navigate to the "View Upload Manager" dialog, you can put your mobile in a charger over night and it will continue to sync your photos.

1. Go to the [b]Home[/b] tab
2. Select [b]Settings[/b]
3. Select [b]View Upload Manager[/b]
4. Done!

As long as you stay in the View Upload Manager dialog, the CloudMe app will prevent the mobile from going into sleep and thus the upload will continue until completed.