Topic: Uploading to shared folders

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to subscribe to the 50 gb service, for business use.

The purpose is that for example, our designers can upload their files to our account. If they "follow" our account, do  they need a paid subcription for uploading files?

The reason that I ask is that we worked with Dropbox and now only paid accounts can access and sync the files.

Thank you.


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Re: Uploading to shared folders

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your question. CloudMe allow you to share any size of account, 25 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, 500 GB, 2 TB or 5 TB to free CloudMe accounts (non paid for accounts).

Following a shared folder does not count towards your quota as most of our competitors do. This means that someone following a shared folder does not need a paid for account :-)

This make it convenient to use one large account and share the space with several smaller free accounts in a company, organization or in a project.  Think of it as a shared file server in the cloud.

You can also collaborate and upload content into a folder using the WebShare link without even having a CloudMe account. Collaboration folders in other solutions require all parties to have an account in the service.

Best regards,
CloudMe Support

Re: Uploading to shared folders

Dear Sir/madam,

Thank you for your reply. We have installed CloudMe on two computers to try and see how it works.

If I share a folder, can my companion only acces it through the browser? We would like to be able to access each others files by adding the shared folder to our cloud map without entirely syncing it.

As mentioned we want to use one paid account that must share files with some free accounts.

Thank you.

Re: Uploading to shared folders

Hi Robin,

Thanks for starting to use CloudMe :)

A shared folder can be accessed through any of the clients that we offer; browser, computer (desktop client), iPhone, iPad, Android, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV and WebDAV.

Make sure CloudMe Sync is installed on both computers ([url][/url])

The second account needs to follow the WebShare/Collaboration folder and it will appear under Following. The computer associated with the second account will then ask if you want to sync the new followed folder. If you do, the same folder will be on both computers.

If the requester that asks if you want to follow does not appear or you answered No to the question before, just choose Add Sync Folder and choose a local folder and in the right side folder tree, choose Following and the name of the shared folder.

We suggest the use of WebShare's with the type Collaboration for shared folders synced to computers. This enables both computers to edit/delete/rename files and add new sub folders.

Best, CloudMe Support