Topic: Dropbox 'copy public link' function?


Apologies if this function is available, I have searched but can't find it.

I'm moving from Dropbox to Cloudme, but can't find an important function that i require.

On dropbox when you right-click on a file it gives an option to 'Copy public link' - which generates a link - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27963311/index.htm - can you see that the actual file (index.htm) can be viewed in a browser.

I've tried it with Cloudme, but the actual web-page won't show? Am I doing something wrong or it this function not available?


Re: Dropbox 'copy public link' function?

The same functionality is available in CloudMe, you right click a file and choose to Share, then click the "Copy Link" button and you will get a link you can paste into an email or browser.

CloudMe does however out of security reason not allow you to publish HTML-files as links. This removes the ability to publish web sites through CloudMe.