Topic: Sharing Folders with Cloudme

Hello, I'm new here and looking to use Cloudme instead of Dropbox.
I want to be able to share folders or documents with members and non-members of Cloudme but so far the link the site provides them with just takes you to a blank page. I'm using the 'webshare' option.

Is Webshare the correct option to choose in this case?
Why doesn't the link work? I've tried sharing via email and copying the link given into Safari and neither work.

Does Cloudme have a problem with Safari? Yesterday I could only log on via Firefox yet neither Firefox nor Safari could open the shared folder link.

I would really like to sort this out as it's the same function that I used Dropbox for, so if I can't get it to work on here I'll end up going back to Dropbox....

Please help. Thank you

Re: Sharing Folders with Cloudme

Yes, we have this functionality through WebShares.

The correct way of sharing is to use a WebShare, which allow a user to both access the shared folder as a published web page link and also add it to their account and access the shared folder as part of their file system (by following it).

We have fixed the bug with the special character in the WebShare name that affected you and it shall all work fine now. So you did all the right steps smile