Topic: Playlists?

Are there any playlist formats compatible with CloudMe?

Re: Playlists?

Hi aderowswell,

Yes! We recommend [url=][/url]. 

When creating a new playlist on MixPod, you are given the option, "Add URL".  This is where you insert the URL to the mp3 you have shared from your CloudMe account.

How to get the songs URL:
1. Share an mp3 from your CloudMe account by selecting the song and then clicking on the link Share icon
2. Verify that you have the right to be sharing this information
3. Click on the blue link under "Link to this WebShare"
4. "Copy link address" by right clicking on the mp3 file now visible in the WebShare

There may be other playlists that work with CloudMe but as of now, this is the only one we have received positive feedback from our users about.

Re: Playlists?

CloudMe now supports .m3u playlists and this is also the format used by the web interface and iPhone/iPad app when saving playlists.