Topic: How do I download a set of files from cloudme to my pc?

I would like to download a group of files to my pc. I managed to identify how to download the files one by one, but failed to find a way for a group download.

Re: How do I download a set of files from cloudme to my pc?

Please install CloudMe on your computer ([url][/url]). In the taskbar, find the CloudMe icon and right click on it. Choose "Add Sync Folder".

Create a folder on your local computer and find the folder in CloudMe that contains the group of files and folders that you want to download on the right side.

Default, it will be setup as a "bidirectional" sync folder. Right click on your new folder (it is in the "View Sync Folders" dialog that is opened after you added your new sync folder). Go to the "Sync Type" menu item and select "Download".

Now you have setup an automatic download sync for you files. You may choose to have it permanently or right click on the sync folder again after it is completed and choose to remove the sync folder.

As an alternative to the above, you may choose to mount CloudMe as a network drive on your computer and access its entire cloud file system as a hard drive. From here you can drag an drop entire folders using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Please read more about WebDAV here: [url][/url]