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My workhorses are a couple of Linux PC's and these seem to be syncing from a top directory I have chosen to call CloudMe.

When travelling, in most cases I bring a MacBook. the Mac OS CloudMe app defaults a sync directory under /Documents/ and when I try to set up a sync directly under my home directory (jst above the Dropbox folder) the application says "can't have dual sync folders" or something like that. I cannot delete the /Documents/CloudMe folder.

I dislike to have the files under /Documents/ because the files are in many cases not documents but othern other types of files.

Am I forced to have the main sync folder under Documents or would I be better off to call the main sync directory something else than "CloudMe"?

Would I have similar limitations should I choose to have a MS Windows sync?

Or did I misunderstand this completely?

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Re: Default sync folder Mac OS X

All your observations are correct. We default setup the CloudMe sync folder under documents, this is to make it easier for the average user of CloudMe with no settings to think of.

If you need syncing to another folder you can follow these easy steps:

1) Click on the CloudMe icon in your topbar and choose "View sync folders". Right click on the CloudMe folder and choose to make it inactive.

2) Click on the "+" icon and in the left view, choose the top directory you want to sync. On the right side, choose Documents -> CloudMe (the destination folder in the cloud for the CloudMe sync folder).

You should now have a manually setup sync folder that sync your top folder to the CloudMe folder, which will then be synced through the CloudMe blue folder to your Linux computers.

If you do not want to have the top directory setup to sync through the CloudMe blue folder, you can create any other folder in the cloud to sync it to, since CloudMe support syncing of multiple folders at once.


Re: Default sync folder Mac OS X

Along the same lines could you explain how to sync a folder to the desktop. I went through the procedure and instead of one folder being synchronised (I wanted a folder from CloudMe called Bookmarks on my desktop), the sync has retained my Bookmarks folder in the cloud BUT put the contents of the folder (a further 20 sub-folders0 on my desktop as 20 separate folders rather than contained in one folder. The 20 folders then sync individually with the Bookmarks folder in the cloud. It works perfectly on my Windows 7 machine but not on my Mac (latest OS 10.10.3).
Any ideas?