Topic: Double sync after update

Dear Sir,

After the last update CloudMe started to sync one specific map into another map. this caused the loss hundreds of files.

I could restore them manually but had to enter each individual folder and select all the files that needed to be restored.

Did anyone else have this problem?

Can you add a button that allows to restore the most recent files only?

Re: Double sync after update

Dear Moderator,

As mentioned I lost and restored all the files in a specific folder.

I keep losing my files after every sync unless I set the settings to DOWNLOAD ONLY. If it's set on bidirectional I lose a lot of files, when I put it on download only it downloads and restores all the files.

When logged in on all the files are there so there is a problem in either the computer of client. we have three computers synced and they are losing random files as well.

Please assist as we use CloudMe for business use.

Re: Double sync after update

Can you please contact support at so we can verify this further with a new version we have in development?