Topic: Link to specific file

I have a WebShare with files. Is there a way to get a link to a specific file?

I can get a link to the directory, but this is unconvenient for the receiver since there are a lot of files listed.

I can see individual files can shared, but that is not what I want since I end up with a lot of shares.


Re: Link to specific file

Hi flite,
This is possible by going to the Web UI on your account.
Identify the file you want to share, click/mark the file you want to share, choose "share". You will now have the dialog box where you can choose to share by mail, Facebook or Twitter, open.
Down in the left corner you will find a button "Copy Link", press it and you will open a new dialog box with your link in it.
If you run Windows/PC and use the sync software you can also do the same procedure through Windows Explorer: Identify the file, right click, choose CloudMe in the menu, choose "share" and follow the steps above.