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The glory days are a song written by the singer of the band of Beyond, Wong Ka Kui, to pay tribute to President Mandela. The 27-year-old South African leader Mandela, who was detained and sung in 1990, was released. After he was released from prison, Mandela continued to lead the anti-racism movement of the South African people and finally became the first black president of South Africa in 1994, marking this. The final victory of the battle. The bell rang the signal of returning home []Newport Cigarettes Reviews[/url], and in his life, it seemed to be a little bit awkward. The meaning of black skin gives him a lifetime of dedication. In the struggle of color, the year and the moon lose their possession, and the tired eyes with expectations. Huang Jiaxuan is the soul of Beyond's band. According to the statistics of fans, the word "����" is the most used word in the songs written by Huang Jiaxuan. In the end, what kind of music experience Beyond's band experienced has made Huang Jiaxuan feel awkward all his life. Some people say that Huang Jiaxuan is a generation of musical arrogance. This is inevitably exaggerated. In fact, Huang Jiaxuan does not have a high musical talent, and his first guitar is just a broken guitar he got from the trash. He originally wanted to give it. Friend, but the helpless friend suspected that the guitar was too broken. He said that he would not accept it. Huang Jiaxuan had to go home with his guitar []Buy Trumpo Online And Free Shipping[/url]. When he was bored []Wholesale Newport 100'S[/url], he played the time. It was such a bomb, and Huang Jiaxuan never put it down. . Huang Jiaxuan began to save money and changed his new guitar to start his musical dream. At first, Huang Jiayu joined a temporary band, but in a few days, Huang Jiaxuan was driven out by the band. The reason was that the other guitarist of the band suspected that his guitar was too bad and could not do music. After Huang Jiaxuan returned home, he did not feel depressed, did not give up, began to practice guitar all day and night, sometimes a bomb is half a day, the hand is really swollen pain, Huang Jiaxuan placed a hot water pot next to it, playing a pain Then, put your hand in to make a bubble. At that time, a magazine in Hong Kong, "Give him", held a music festival. Huang Jiaxuan wanted to participate, but he did not have a band. At this time, in the music house he often went to, the proprietress recommended him a drummer. This person is Ye Shirong. Later, after joining a few new members, this was a reluctance to form a band. When the registration came, the problem came again. The temporary band had no name. At that time, the participating bands were mostly based on cover, but Huang Jiaxuan is not willing to cover, they are a band, to be a unique band, Beyond's Chinese meaning is beyond, this becomes the band's name. In the course of the competition, the songs played by Beyond were mostly from the 21-year-old Wong Ka Kui. The band, aged between 19 and 20, won the final victory of the competition. At that time, the Hong Kong music scene was set off by Alan Tam, and the love songs of the Hong Kong music scene filled the Hong Kong music scene. Huang Jiaxuan clearly understood how the current Hong Kong music scene needs to be created. However, Huang Jiaxuan and the members decided to stick to their own. Creative style. Huang Jiaxuan and several other members, formerly young incumbents, Huang Jialu��s earlier job was an insurance salesman. The time was relatively loose. For many years, he was full of brain music, except for the practice site, which changed from his own home to Ye Shirong. The ancestral home, his heart of music dreams has never changed, this Beyond base, known as the second floor back seat, became the birthplace of Beyond's countless classics. As the neighbors kept coming to the door and the police came forward many times []Marboro Cigerettes For Sale[/url], Beyond made a bold decision at this time to open a concert []Newport Wholesale In Usa[/url]. The usual singers were first famous in the concert, and the different Huang Jiaxuan once again opposed it. Go ahead. But at the beginning, I encountered big problems, lack of funds, lack of audio equipment, lack of space, and the most lacking is Beyond's reputation. At that time, Huang Jiaxuan practiced while working, and even created a record of four jobs a day. Bring equipment around with other members. But the biggest problem is how to get more audiences. At that time, four people often used street hair flyers, posters, and sales tickets. On the day of the concert, the number of people present was only half. The people of the several brokerage companies they invited did not come. In the midfield of the concert, more than half of the audience went. It is hard to imagine that they were at the time. The inner feelings of the members of Beyond. . The first concert ended in such a disappointment.