Good morning folks [url=][/url] , and a happy Sunday to you. Since there’s not much going on, I figured I’d put fingers to keys about the reading selection today. First and foremost, Kyle Madson of Ninerswire put together an informative piece about the important upcoming dates, and how they pertain specifically to the 49ers. Although the major events are spread out, there are enough smaller deadlines in the between that there should be something to look forward to at least every other week. Oh boy.Eric Branch of the SF Chronicle put together an article detailing the NFL’s newest love affair with hiring the young coaches, especially those with connections to Sean McVay, and by extension, Kyle Shanahan. It’s surely informative, but he seems to overrate Shanahan - which is something I can totally forgive him for. Niners Nation alum Jennifer Lee Chan put together a fun little piece detailing all of the former 49ers who will take part in the upstart Alliance of American Football league, from coaches to players, and even a league executive. I’d recommend taking a few minutes to go down memory lane, as there are numerous “Oh yeah, I remember that guy!” names littering the list.Ninerswire put out a pair of editorial lists that are worth reading, but for different reasons. Kyle Madson’s list regarding hypothetical deals that may see the 49ers drop out of the #2 spot is hilariously bad [url=][/url] , a veritable compendium of “Why?!”. However, his colleague Al Sacco put together a good informative list detailing the top 5 edge rushers that will likely enter free agency properly. It’s really well done, and I’m not just saying that because my confirmation bias was lit up by his kind words for Patriots DL Trey Flowers and Vikings LB Anthony Barr. I’d love to see either, or both, as 49ers - however, there’s too much uncertainty regarding the availability of Nick Bosa to definitively call for such major investments.If the 49ers were to sign Barr, there’s reason to believe that he’d play the same role that detractors of drafting Josh Allen point to - SAM linebacker on base downs, edge rusher on passing downs. Although, the prospect of adding both Barr and Bosa would, on paper, seem to be an ideal solution in fortifying the defense. On the other hand, signing Trey Flowers could open up a scenario in which the 49ers may be able to safely trade out of the second overall pick, while still being able to find the impactful talent clustered at the top of the draft.NFL teams rush to snap up Kyle Shanahan / Sean McVay assistants | Branch, SF Chronicle“Alliance of American Football” league filled with ex-49ers | Chan [url=][/url] , NBC Sports Bay Area5 hypothetical draft trades | Madson, Ninerswire5 free agent edge rushers the 49ers should look into | Sacco, NinerswireImportant NFL calendar dates | Madson, Ninerswire“He’s a bad ass” — Several teammates describe C.J. Beathard’s toughness There were several times during the 49ers match up facing the Chargers where we all thought C.J. Beathard might be dead. Thankfully, he was not. The second year quarterback has unbelievable resiliency getting up and staying in the game after taking a beating from opposing defenders. After two roughing the quarterback penalties in a row, it was almost surprising to see him stand in the pocket again. It was even more remarkable to see him back in the game after getting the wind knocked out of him after reaching for a first down late in the game as well. Head coach Kyle Shanahan says that they do tell everyone to not put themselves in harm’s way but all they can do is hope for the best. After the game Beathard remarked that in the same situation, “If I could do it again, I would do the same thing.”Here’s what some of Beathard’s teammates had to say about is toughness: Mike McGlinchey “I said to him today at the end of the game, he’s made of the right stuff man. He’s just a tough, tough dude and you love playing with a guy like that and and a guy that’s just going to continue to fight for you, and for this team. All the pride in the world to be blocking for C.J. and he’s going to continue to just keep getting better and keep standing up to everybody that wants to knock him out. “Matt Breida“He’s a tough competitor, as you can see. He’ll take the ball and run it, take big hits and get up and get back in the game. It’s going to be hard to get C.J. [out of] the game. That is what is going to make him a great quarterback.”George Kittle“C.J. is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever been around. He hates losing more than anybody I know. He played the game angry, thats’ just how he plays it. It’s awesome. I feel like he is more mature. I feel like we all are after getting a year under our belt. The guys responded to C.J. being out there and I think we responded really well. We’re looking forward to having C.J. lead us from here on out.”“He’s a bad ass. He’s good. C.J. has more grit than anyone that I know. “He’s got a severe dad bod. He can run longer than anybody I’ve ever known- which is kind of crazy -and he can take any hit. Its’ pretty cool. I don’e know how he does it. “Reuben Foster “Like I said [url=]Authentic Laken Tomlinson Jersey[/url] , he ain’t no Roody-poo. He ain’t sweet. There’s nothing sweet about C.J. That’s why we got faith and we believe in C.J. but it’s really not surprising but it was surprising, I could see it in his eyes every time he came on the sidelines, “Defense, let’s go, we got your back, we run with y’all. Just by him saying that, just means a lot to me, and the defense because we know where his head was at. “When Foster was told that Beathard would do it all over again, regarding the play where he had the wind knocked out of him he replied, “He said that? Really? That’s why he’s FIRE!!”