Topic: Strolling in the fall is

Strolling in the fall is not a beautiful mood, just a joy. This season is very cool and colorful, and the whole air is filled with intoxicating breath, just like the paintings by Van Gogh. Full of golden eyes, full of red rhymes, and a few surprises slipped from the branches, dancing into the butterfly in the wind. Because of you, my world has been dyed with color, a thousand turns, and lingering. Autumn [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], your clear, your maple red, your wind, does not need any secular embellishment, he is free and easy to play. Inadvertently, I bumped into your little waist and licked your little face. He took your soul, your embarrassment. The sky in autumn, pure and high, a few white clouds, leisurely, quietly left the world, elegant in the sky, the bustling of the world, the benefit of Lili, no longer heart, no longer chase, because she fell in love with this A happy world. The autumn wind, without a little decoration, is not like the spring wind, so soft, unlike the summer wind, it is hot, not like the winter wind, so the bones, the autumn wind, is so pure, she is clean and neat. Go through the mountains, grasslands, deserts, wilderness, rivers and lakes, and then reach every corner of the city. She will not fall in love with a leaf, will not hang a flower, and will not miss a grass. Her heart is obeying nature and is the law of natural evolution. Just like a touch of white clouds, elegant in the clear sky, the clear sky, the distant mountains and the mountains are reflected in the autumn water, let us feel like the beauty in the painting. At this moment [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], I don't want to have any, I just want Have you, your world. I am so quietly and leisurely to admire you, staring at your world, without any praise, only with a pure heart, feeling your maturity, your harvest, your Enriched, and your indifferent, never like the color of red and purple, do not like the excessive enthusiasm of bloom, only like a person's quiet and a quiet nature. I have never liked to spend a good time squandering on the street, like a person��s Enron, a cup of faint scent, a soft and soft music, a book full of ink, this is a person��s clear The fall I like, the same, faint, pure, pure, despite the colorful colors of autumn [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], her charm is the kind of bustling and noisy that does not belong to the red dust, her charm is after the precipitation Tranquility is the high point after the ethereal, and it is far from the glory of the sun. If we narrow down our desires and narrow them down, and sincerely hang our goodness in our hearts, then, is our world not like this beautiful autumn? Indifferent and quiet, pure and high, standing in the autumn scene, in addition to their own breathing, nothing is superfluous. We have too many desires, too much enthusiasm, too much hope, too much disappointment, whether we take the world��s glitz, fame, power and money too seriously, if we put all of this down, our lives Isn't it like this far-reaching ethereal, light and pure autumn? In the arms of autumn, you can think of the winter silver, the spring flowers, the summer green leaves, if there is no winter ice beauty, the spring beauty The deep beauty of summer, there is no beauty of autumn, isn��t our life not like this?
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