Topic: Centralized Email Signature for Office 365

E-mail signature plays a vital role in company branding. An email signature with well design and professional look greatly helps to impress the the recipient.
A centralized email signature management is useful to control the email signature for all the employees at one place. Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature service is the best option to create the company wide Office 365 email signature

Allows creating and controlling email signatures for teams and company at one place.
Adds signatures based on rules, this avoids adding signature in each and every device used to send mails or to change in multiple devices when required.
Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 comes with various predefined templates and retrieves the details from Azure AD and inserts in the email signature
Adds the signatures under reply emails, forward emails, sent Items, etc.

Key features

•    Centralized, secure Office 365 email signature service
•    Reliable and  flexible email signature solution
•    Adds Email signature across all mail clients and devices
•    Provides various predefined signature templates
•    Full control on the signature layout
•    Supports OneClick survey and web analytics.